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Always looking to invest and add value to companies and projects.
I have learned to expand my interests internationally and yet still work with my core values.

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The host for business growth

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Grant Thom

Work Smart

Be selective in who you work with, share the passion and build on synergy

Leadership. Define the Goal and Reward, and share with your team the strategy plan.

I believe in growing horizontal structures and everybody on your team must be a winner.

I value my time and therefore I endeavour to be focused, be inspired and motivated.

A business must grow & adjust according to economic market demands if it is to be profitable.

I am a great visionary thinker, I love reading and creating trends.

I can see the business opportunity in its entirety before I start the business or new project.

Top trends

  • Social Media Trends for 2019

    Social Media Trends for 2019

    Grant Thom 08 April 2019
    You already know it's harder to get traffic from the social web unless you spend money on ads. There's nothing new with that fact... just look at the graph above. But the reality is you can't ignore platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,...
  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

    Grant Thom 20 December 2018
    A Live Streamed/Broadcast Internet Video Gives Your Content Urgency Facebook Live draws 135% more organic views than images on the newsfeed. And because the Facebook algorithm has made it challenging for content to be seen organically, live...
  • Account-Based Content Marketing

    Account-Based Content Marketing

    Grant Thom 12 November 2018
    ABCM will help B2B companies target unique personas as individuals within a company. Marketers now have the opportunity to steer away from a one-size-fits-all advertising approach to a highly targeted, unique user experience, leveraging a...

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